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Situation Kunst (for Max Imdahl) is a key component of the art collection of the Ruhr University. ‘Kunst’ is the German word for Art. In contrast to traditional art displays, Situation Kunst is an ensemble of buildings located in the park of the Weitmar House in Bochum and hosts a permanent exhibition of important pieces of contemporary art. Situation Kunst was designed in 1988 by Alexander von Berswordt-Wallrabe as an interconnected system relating art, architecture, and nature as a synthesis.

Current exhibition at the Museum unter Tage:

Worldviews - Landscape in Art since the 15th century

Like no other medium the artistic representation of landscapes qualifies to reflect the individual’s role in the world and the views of the individual to its respective environment: landscape view is always worldview.
Therefore, works of landscape art are not to be understood as mere images of an actual landscape. Rather they combine collective and individual perspectives and reveal social model ideas as well as private feelings or aspirations.


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Museum unter Tage

In the park of Haus Weitmar, the construction work of the final building of Situation Kunst, the MuTMuseum unter Tage was completed in autumn 2015.


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Current Cooperations

The Foundation Situation Kunst develops its projects basically in collaboration with other partner institutions or negotiates for own exhibitions in other museums. See an overview of current cooperations.


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Opening Hours

Wed - Fri, 2 - 6 pm
Sat + Sun, 12 - 6 pm

(Christmas Eve and New Years Eve closed)

Guided Tours by Appointment


Ruhr University of Bochum

Situation Kunst is associated with the art collection of the Ruhr University of Bochum