Ad Reinhardt

Abstract Painting # 20, 1956

Abstract Painting # 20, 1956


Oil on canvas 127 x 50.8 cm


Reinhardt’s artistic and theoretical oeuvre is determined by the concentration on the means and possibilities of expression unique to painting. While the color of the piece initially appears to be only monochrome black, the surface is actually differentiated by several layers of colors so that light is absorbed in different intensities.  By examining the whole carefully, a geometrical form becomes visible and reveals that the canvas is divided into squares with different nuances of black.


Born 1913 in Buffalo, New York.

Meyer Schapiro taught him art history at the Columbia University, New York.

1936-1937 studied painting at the American Artists School and at the National Academy of Design.

1937-1947 member of the American Abstract Artists group.

1946-1951 studied at the Institute of Fine Arts of New York University.

Reinhardt authored numerous tutorials.

Died 1967, in New York.