Guided tours

Situation Kunst offers various guided tours through Situation Kunst. The contentual emphases are e.g. the permanent exhibition, the temporary exhibitions or if the wether is good the sculpture park of Weitmar House. Depending on the duration of the tour several emphases could be combined. Guided tours are possible apart from the opening hours.

Diological Tours
Apart from the classic frontally tours Situation Kunst offers with dialogical tours an unorthodox approach to art. A close examination of the artworks and the exchange of views are essential.


Duration of the guided tours:

All collections: 1.5 - 2 hours

Specialized tours: ca. 1 hour

Max. number of visitors per group: 20



1 hour - 70 Euros

1,5 hours - 100 Euros

2 hours - 140 Euros

plus reduced entrance fee to temporary exhibitions; the permanent exhibition is free

For tours in english there is an extra fee of 30 Euros.

The tours are mainly held by students of the arthistorian department of the Ruhr University Bochum


For more information and to sign up please contact: or call: 0234 2988901





Art education for school classes

Situation Kunst offers a special program for pupils of the first and second grade in all types of secondary schools.

This fun and interactive guided tour takes one hour and costs only 30 Euros. Time and special themes can be arranged individually. 


For more information and to sign up please contact: or call: 0234 2988901

We kindly ask you to book groups approx. 3-4 weeks in advance.